Greetings Jared Matthew, first and foremost thank you for sitting down with TheHipHopCloud for this Inside The Cloud interview. Since it’s our first interview together let’s take it back to your debut in the music industry and how you got here.

Where did you originate from, and how did you get your name Jared Matthew?

Jared Matthew: I grew up in North Carolina, born on the west side near the mountains then grew up near the coast. I also lived in Raleigh for some time. I used to go by “jrokthekid” because my sister and a lot of my friends called me jrok growing up. I eventually changed it to Jared Matthew (my middle name is Matthew) because it just felt more authentic.

How long have you been making music & what have been your inspirations coming up?
Jared Matthew: I started making music around age 18 and actually quit when I graduated college. I had a little buzz growing but wasn’t taking it as seriously as I do now. I came back and started making it again at age 27. I’m more passionate than ever about it. I’m inspired by my favorite artists like J Cole, Rod Wave and Nipsey Hussle. I’m also inspired by just ever day life like friends, relationships, break ups, hard times, etc

You just released your new album Late Nights! Tell us everything about it and what we can expect!
Jared Matthew: I love this album so much. Inspired by the biggest heart break of my life, and many lonely, sad nights to follow. The entire project goes together. Late Nights is meant to be like.. a sad, dark time. The middle of the night. No sunshine at all, aka no happiness. The first song the hook goes “teach me how to love again” and the intro basically tells a story of heart break and never being able to love again. As the project goes on there are many references to the time of night (4am-7am) and the sunshine. The outro is called “Sun Will Shine” and it tells a story of optimism and maybe loving again. The message behind the album is no matter how dark our nights feel, the sun will always shine again.

Talk to us about your single “Pause” and how it all came about.
Jared Matthew: Pause is a chill vibe song about just appreciating your life around you. Take a moment to just stop (pause) and look around. If you are going through a break up, you can still appreciate your friends, or job, etc. Look for the good in your life!

With all the diversity nowadays in the industry, who are your top 3 producers?
Jared Matthew: Oh man I’ve got to shout out the 2 producers who pretty much produced my whole album, Kid Ocean and Wavy Szn. The 3rd would have to be my engineer/producer Soop. Hopefully one day I’ll be able to work with some big name producers but for now I’m super lucky to work with these guys.

If you were lucky enough to collaborate with any artist who would it be?
Jared Matthew: Any artist ever? J Cole, hands down.

What can we expect from you in the near future?
Jared Matthew: Just more real music man. Maybe another single or two before I start piecing together my 3rd album. I’ve played with some concepts here and there but don’t have a clear vision yet. I don’t want to force it.

Jared Matthew! Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with us for Inside The Cloud with TheHipHopCloud! Is there anything else you would like to let the people and fans know before leaving us?

Jared Matthew: Just check out the album or vids on YouTube and if you do listen to “Late Nights” is meant to be played from beginning to end, not in random order. I appreciate you and anybody who takes the time to tune in. Much love!

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