Greetings Djizzll, first and foremost thank you for sitting down with TheHipHopCloud for this Inside The Cloud interview. Since it’s our first interview together let’s take it back to your debut in the music industry and how you got here.

Where did you originate from, and how did you get your name Djizzll?

Djizzll: I was born I’m Memphis TN, North Memphis TN I come from the heart of the north KLONDIKE is the hood I grew up in. The whole side of my mother’s family from the north as well and far as my name I went through a couple changes lol cause at first my very first rap name was Wild D but I started hearing about a homeboy coming up out da south with that name but he wasn’t a rapper he was just a homeboy that was putting in a lot of work at da time so I changed it to Young Mob back in like 2006 I was about 17 bout time I was turning 18 I had ran into a guy name Chris who showed me a lot and really Turnt me up as an artist and a producer as time progresses our bond grew and he started to fill me in on the actual Business part of da music and come to find out it was a upcoming rap group called Young Mob so I went from Young Mob to just Dj my regular nickname now that’s when I really starting turning up on my beats and lyrics, Chris had a big boy studio and I had full access to it he gave me a key so I was in the studio everyday all day, one day working on a song on my very 1st mixtape I was just trying to finish a couple bars for on da song and I said Dj KingShit and that’s how I gained the rap name Dj KingShit , i grabbed the attention of my big cousin Randy who I was trying my best to show I could really rap n make beats he kinda took heed but never really put the effort to help me out because at da time I was constantly getting in trouble back to back in and out of jail so all he knew was his little cousin be BSN banging and so on , he not gone waste his money and time on a troubled thug , but over the time I kept at it kinda stayed out da way and focused more in the studio I start getting ah Lil buzz from da surrounding areas and local open mic nights and dropped my official mixtape LK1 bout time I dropped LK2 I reached out to my cousin again and told him give me a chance n help me we gone be rich , he gave it a few days and hit me up an first thing he saying is “ Maneee You Gotta Change Your Name “ , I kinda felt some type of way cause I had gained most of my fan base off Dj KingShit but I was willing to do anything to show Cuh I’m willing to work an do what it take to make it plus he was like you use to much profanity what about the kids when it’s time to sign your autograph , so he made a point der, we went back and froward with names den boom Cuh bus out and say it ‘’ Djizzle ‘’ mines spelled differently doe mines spelled with two LL’s instead of LE .

How long have you been making music & what have been your inspirations coming up?

Djizzll: I started off making beat’s back in 02 I think FL Studio had just came out or that’s when I first discovered it , I’ll never forget how I started, it’s was three guys in middle school with me but we was in different classes they History class was before mines and every time I come in the class room they would always be stuck on the computer like glued to dat junt so one day I just got curious an wanted to see what the hell had them so stuck to this computer I usually be late for there next class everyday so one day they left FL Studio open , I looked at the screen and was puzzled at first but I don’t know something just drew my attention to the computer, I got on it and really just started clicking stuff an messed around and hit space bar the beat pattern clicked started playing, I said aaaaallllllll this a beat machine and ever since then I been rocking and rolling like the next year after that I practically missed a whole school year skipping and dubbing back going home trying to learn FLStudio over time I just started rapping as I was making beats on the computer I think I started rapping in 05 may be so yeah I been at it for ah while well over 15 plus , I grew up listening to a lot of blues and R&B but when rap came on I loved me some Project Pat don’t get me wrong I like the hole 3-6 camp but to me Pat stood out and cause of that Pat my top pick as a favorite rapper I grew up listening too later down da line I started messing with Young Thug, dude just awesome on the track all the time and I can’t forget about my boi Dr.Dre I feel like I the better version of him.

We know you beat a murder case, and you’ve been in & out of prison. How did all that affect you, and how did you stay positive throughout those battles?

Djizzll: To be honest it affected me more than I thought it did getting years and years took from you a whole different feeling, it’s like kinda being dead no letters no phone calls no visits people turn they back on ya your girl leave ya and start a whole new life ya folks dying can’t go to no funerals that shit had me messed up bad in the head at times when I was locked up I felt mad for no reason an crashing out , but times when I did call my mom she’ll remind me she raised us up hard to for a reason i never got what she was saying till I got outta jail and I realized she was telling me it’s Situation we been in that we thought we wasn’t gonna make it but we did cause we stand up 10 toes and don’t fold no matter what the situation is so with that being said it wasn’t nothing but faith and me imagining me getting out to my kids what kept me hanging on
and holding it down.

How does it feel to be producing for the hardest new rappers out of Memphis?

Djizzll: I feel like it’s a blessing to be a part of the new music wav I feel like this is my wav because my music been sounding like this years ago, I like producing with the artist rite beside me so I can feel da vibe more it’s nothing like that herd of the moment no cap that’s when the best comes out, I’m just glad they recognize raw tablet when they see it…

Your new album LK4! Tell us everything about it and how it came about!

Djizzll: LK4 it my new album I dropped it in February 2022 First LK4 means Lion King part 4 , it’s a Series of my stories of what I go through and what I seen out here in these streets, I got my Lil cousin Hollywood On The Track and a couple other producers I know from the city to make me some tracks and I made some , ion write I freestyled the whole album.

With all the diversity nowadays in the industry, who are your top 5 artists?

Djizzll: Project Pat, Young Thug, Future, Dr. Dre, Lil Wayne

If you were lucky enough to collaborate with any artist who would it be?

Djizzll: Young Thug I gotta get one with my boi. I know if we ever make a song that MF gone go Diamond 3x no cap. I know this because any beat he get on, be my type.

Djizzll! Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with us for Inside The Cloud with TheHipHopCloud! Is there anything else you would like to let the people and fans know before leaving us?

Djizzll: Yeah go stream my album LK4 on all platforms S/O to my Manager Randy, to da Wifey, da whole Klan, all my supporters and fans, New music and videos on the way so go subscribe to the YouTube channel “Djizzll“ thanks for having me yours truly Djizzll.

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