Greetings J Platt, first and foremost thank you for sitting down with TheHipHopCloud for this Inside The Cloud interview. Since it’s our first interview together let’s take it back to your debut in the music industry and how you got here.

Where are you originally from and how did you get your name Jplatt?

J Platt: I was born in fort wayne Indiana lived there till I was 14 then moved to Pittsburgh PA till I was 18 that’s when I moved out to Denver/Boulder Colorado.

I got my name growing up cuz I have an older brother and older sister. Our last name is Platt so to all their friends I was always “lil Platt” then as I got older and started to rap I felt like I need to represent who I truly am but I wanted to use what all my older friends always called me so I went with J Platt. My first names Joey last names Platt. With my music you get exactly what I represent which is me. The most stripped down authentic version of myself. I could never rap about certain things because they weren’t true to me. I only can rap about the shit I really been thru the shit I really did. 

How long have you been doing music & what have been your inspirations coming up?

J Platt: I’ve been recording since I was 16 in Pittsburgh. I lived a cpl miles from Mac Miller and he was always someone I looked up to and respected. Wiz of course as well. As a kid in Indiana I grew up listenin to Eminem Biggie jay z and T.I. just to name a few. But when I started makin music I was trappin so one of my biggest inspirations was Gucci. As I started to find my voice a lil more I was inspired by lil peep and juice wrld 

How would you describe your music and who’s your music intended for?

J Platt: Its hard to say. I make trap music and I’m a dabkid and a Glass collector I’m talkin bongs that go from 10k to 100k + I was smokin dabs back in 2011 in Pittsburgh when no one on the east coast barely knew what it was. I was getting pounds of that shit back then. I introduced a lot of people from the Pittsburgh music scene into that shit gave em their first dabs. So I’ll always rep the 710 and Glass art community in my music. But I try to incorporate my raw emotion in my music as well. I’ve gone thru a lot I’ve been called bipolar depressed all types of shit. I guess I just make music for people who like to get high, sell dope, people who are goin thru something and wanna feel related to. When I started rappin I didn’t have fancy cars or a lot of jewelry and that’s all I heard in rap songs so I wanted to talk about shit like these bongs and the artists who make em. I wanted to talk about dabs. Selling slabs moving bricks flipping pounds. All that type of shit that I was goin thru. I’ve been thru heartbreak highs and lows like everyone else so I try to talk about that in my music too. I’ve been betrayed by people I thought were my closest friends and partners. That’s how I ended up in the feds so you kno that’s something that comes up a lot.

Most people know you for your features with artists like Lil Wop and Hood Rich Pablo Juan, and from seeing you opening for other major acts like YBN, tell us how all that came around!

J Platt: I got in contact with Gucci thru some people I knew from some other shit. They were in town for a show on 420 so we just said fuck it and made it happen. Thru those same people I came across hoodrich and lil wop and we just kept makin music. 

Although your presence increasing the past few months, we know that you are actually in a particular situation right now as you’re currently incarcerated, correct? Can you talk to us about how you manage to stay busy and work on these projects amid that?

J Platt: Yeah man prison sucks. But you gotta make the most of your time. I’m extremely blessed that I got a team of people out there in the streets helping run my instagram get this project together and put it out. I prolly have over 40 unreleased songs recorded before I got locked up so we’re just like fuck it let’s give the people somethin to chew on

King Of The Hill! You teased this new EP earlier this month with the caption “New EP dropping this month!”, Talk to us about it and what we can expect! Is there a set date for its release?

J Platt: King of the Hill is something I’m really excited for something that brings me happiness in dark times. I was hoping to drop it on 420 but there’s some things that we wanna get done with the EP to make sure when we drop it we do it right. So unfortunately it’s lookin like it won’t drop for another month which kills me. But I know it’ll be worth the wait especially with what we got in store for y’all.

You also teased an unreleased song and video with the platinum artist Gucci Mane! Will that collab is part of the EP, and how was it to work with a music icon like Gucci?

J Platt: I don’t wanna spoil anything but right now it’s lookin like I’m gonna keep the Gucci songs in my back pocket. Shits changed I grew up a lot and look a lot different. I wanna reshoot the videos and make sure when I shoot those shots they don’t miss.

Working with Wop was real cool. He’s such a humble down to earth guy. Gave me a lot of game and always treated me like an equal. Told me about what to expect comin to prison and not to trip on it just stay solid and that people might jump ship while I’m gone but not to let that get to me cuz when I’m out I’ll be up 10x more than where I was at before.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Are you working on keeping those projects coming? Is an Album to be expected soon?

J Platt: I definitely wanna drop some more projects I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve too and some surprises for y’all. Hopefully I’ll be home soon it’s lookin like there’s a good chance I could be out by 2023. You never kno. But don’t trip I’ma keep the pressure applied my foots in the door and I’m here to stay. I ain’t goin nowhere.

J Platt! Thank you again for taking the time to do this interview with us for Inside The Cloud with TheHipHopCloud! Is there anything else you would like to let the people and fans know before leaving us?

J Platt: Just stay safe out there. Watch your back and move smart. You don’t wanna end up where I’m at. Make the most of everyday and live it up with the people you love. Tell em you love em every chance you get cuz you never know when it might be your last

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