Like many successful artists, American star Camille Blouin had a natural affinity with music from a young age. Originally from Dallas Texas, Camille moved to Louisiana when she was a child.

Camille Blouin aka ‘Lady Cam’ fell in love with music because it was a way of naturally expressing and uplifting herself.

She has been published in both online and print magazines such as,, Hot, VLAD, On Wax, Street Report and Barrio Magazine. She has appeared on the cover of Hood Critic and others. Lady Cam has opened and Toured with acts such as Juvie from Cash Money, Shawnna from DTP, Webbie, Cupied, Lil Flip, Lil Cali and Foxx to name a few.

The sky is the limit for this Inspirational, energetic rapper. To add to her accolades, Lady Cam has been compared to artists such as Missy Eilliot, Mc Lyte, Jackie Perry and Lauryn Hill.
The music industry looks forward to whatever comes next for Lady Cam on her exciting professional musical journey!

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