Greetings OMG L33 $OUNDZ, first and foremost thank you for sitting down with TheHipHopCloud for this exclusive interview. Since it’s our first interview together let’s take it to your debut in the music industry and how you got here.

Where are you originally from and how did you get your name OMG L33 $OUNDZ?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: What’s good? Thank you for having me. Seriously, it means a lot ! First off, I am OMG L33 $OUNDZ. A lot of people probably been wanting to know the answer to this question right? LOL well: My name is NOT OH MY GOD sadly, that is what people be thinking. Anyways, OMG simply stands for “ON MY GRIND.” I got my name from myself. No’one named me , nor did I use some sort of generator to get a rap name. The letter L with two number 3’s sounded out as: ‘LEE’ , is just my real birth middle name. That’s cool right?? All I did was switch up the E’s and made them 3s LOL! But I used 3’s because I got 3 kids! The word ‘$OUNDZ’ as you can see is sounded out just the way it is. I make music, I create, I have fun. I am able to just BE ME. So that is where that comes from. I’m OMG – Nice to meet you! And oh yup. I’m out here in Strong Island, New York as people call it. Now don’t go looking that up on GPS hahaa, it’s really Long Island, New York. It’s roughly 45 mins to 1 hour from NYC and all that good stuff. It is a Very big city in NY but. we also have many little neighborhoods and towns within ” The Island “.

How long have you been doing music & what have been your inspirations?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: Well I been actively doing music since 2019 when I was working some little gig doing automobile work. My mans Yung Laser is who I used to rock with back in the day, He is another rapper I look up too! That is where I met him. I used to get so bored at work that, I just started rapping out loud and shit. People would laugh at me and stuff but that ain’t mean nothing to me! I took that and ran with it. I made freestyles, I messed up verse after verse, I’d get those “oh you hard” , and etc. But NONE of that made me wanna be like get a big ass blown up head and be “cocky”. That’s what they call it right? That ain’t me!

How long have you been doing music & what have been your inspirations?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: A lot of artist inspire me and in past tense HAVE inspired me to go further. One name I’ll mention is RUSS! He’s independent! An independent musician. Everything he does, he does to show artist like me that there’s other resources’ and opportunities out there besides “record labels” BUT at the same time, you gotta want this shit! You need to be hungry! And Ive been hungry for a long time. I rock with Lil Durk and Lil Baby allday everyday no matter what!

How would you describe your style of music?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: Not the same as EVERYONE else. I’m different. I mean I freestyle a lot but I have been writing my thoughts out lately. I have melodies. I have lyrics that talk to you , only if you listen. Sometimes I be fake singing when I be recording , it sound good in my ear so i stick to what im comfortable with. I am not a copy cat. I’m OMG L33 $OUDNDZ. I AM ME. I make music and I am so stuck on getting advice or feedback in this industry and applying it to my musical career and so on. That means doing research , analyzing things, reaching out to certain people. And much more, These are basically Things that could help you become a successful artist in and out of the booth. you feel me? I just hope the people see that. Im truly genuine.

Whom were your idols coming up?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: Going way back, I actually used to play a lot of old school songs. Slow jams I guess . None of that was rap! I honored Micheal Jackson a lot ! I used to play some Prince here and there. Definitely love The Jackson 5 and that candy rain song by Soul4real. Those are vibes, But this a a new age now. Those artist and/or groups are historic. The rap industry changes constantly everday, come on now. There’s tons of artists all over this world. My idols may not have rapped or whatever, BUT music is an art. That’s what I’d say.

How did your song Brok3n 3motion$ come around?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: Truthfully the answer is the 2nd word in my song title. EMOTIONS but with a dollar sign. That is how I came about creating my song.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Are you working on any upcoming projects?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: You can expect to hear more records being released. And me becoming a much better artist in this industry. It’s not easy. Of course, I am always coming up with new creative ideas, melodies, fake-singing, and etc. There’s a few things I am working on. But a project, like ONE in specific? I’d like to drop a lil’ EP but my singles come first . That’s all on that conversation.

With all the diversity in the music industry nowadays, who’s your top 5?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: SPEAKING DIVERSITY . See you didn’t say artist, labels, entertainment companies, labels’ etc. BUT.. to speak industry i’ll say LIL DURK, LIL BABY, RUSS, THA LIGHTS GLOBAL s/o Donney and Terry, Boomman and the whole Authentic Empire and Etc.

If you had any advice to give to an upcoming artist, what would it be?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: Don’t dwell on the pass, Keep pushing to chase your dream for Whatever it is you’re trying to achieve in this industry No matter what. Live a healthy life, take care of yourself but BE MENTALLY STABLE and BE READY. You’ve got to actually WANT IT. Grab it. Take a hold of it. And last but not least. INVEST!

Thank you again OMG L33 $OUNDZ for taking the time to do this interview with us! Is there anything else you would like to let the people and fans know before leaving us?

OMG L33 $OUNDZ: Yes, thanks for even reading about me. I appreciate it all. I do! there is More music coming towards this upcoming spring and stay safe out there in this world. And remember it’s a OMGFL thing guys. Check out my music via soundcloud or spotify and other streaming platforms.

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