In this interview, Montana of 300 explains that the hardship of growing up watching his mother struggling and hustling helped him learn a lot about surviving poverty in the projects. It also stated that her story was a major inspiration for his classic hit “ChiRaq.” Later in the interview with VladTV, the 32-year-old rapper talks about the affinity that he has for Lil Durk (dispute the diss) and the way in which tragedy stuck their fellow Chicagoans like King Von, FBG Duck, and Edai.

Towards the end of the conversation, Montana of 300 talks about releasing his final LP, feeling like he is genuinely better than Lil Wayne and the comparisons that his “Rap God” moniker drew to Eminem. Lastly, Montana of 300 shares with Vlad why he has remained independent till this very day, why certain recording artists should not take publishing deals, and the way in which has created a business blueprint for future generations in the rap game.

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