Greetings Akila Thilinda Jayarathna, first and foremost thank you for sitting down with TheHipHopCloud for this exclusive interview. Since it’s our first interview together let’s take it to your debut in the music industry and how you got here.

Where are you originally from?

Akila Thilinda Jayarathna: I’ve been doing music since I was 18, my main inspirations, to be honest, were some famous YouTubers at the time and they motivated me highly.

How would you describe your beats?

Akila Thilinda Jayarathna: I feel like I got a unique style to me, I’m more interested in drill-type beats than anything.

Whom were your idols in the music industry coming up?

Akila Thilinda Jayarathna: My main idols were Juice Wrld and Prince the producer and a few other YouTubers.

If you could work with anybody in the industry who would it be?

Akila Thilinda Jayarathna: Prince the producer.

What can we expect from you in the near future? Any project your currently working on?

Akila Thilinda Jayarathna: I’m planning on taking this as far as I can. It’d be awesome to see my songs on Spotify playlists. That is my main goal. I got an album I’m working on right now called “Nirwana” all want to watch for that; I’m putting my all into this one. It doesn’t go to be a rushed project

Where can fans-to-be listen to your music?

You can find my music at

Thank you again Akila Thilinda Jayarathna for taking the time to do this interview with us!

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