Darrell Kelley’s label, Viral Records, announced the release of his latest single, “It’s Christmas”. The holiday single is quite a contrast to his more recent records which have mainly dealt with the huge discrepancy in society’s unfair meting out of justice and guarantees of basic rights that many of the less fortunate and minority races within our population sadly must contend with on a daily basis. Instead, this time around the socially conscious entertainer chose to concentrate his attention and energy on spreading goodwill and Christmas cheer with this holiday release.

After all the suffering and death due to the Covid virus pandemic that spread throughout the world in 2020-2021 they felt that during this holiday season the best medicine for music fans would be a healthy dose of an uplifting Christmas song. Their hope that his soon-to-be holiday classic may be just what the doctor ordered is their way of giving back to not only all those who have supported the artist and his label in the past but to everyone who will be hearing it. And from what now appears to be a tsunami size second wave of this dangerously contagious virus all around the globe, people are in need of any gift of hope anyone can possibly offer them.

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